Two apps per day

appTwo apps per day – This is the performance at the end of 2012 of the Italian market for mobile applications, which reached 750 new software developed. An increase of 25% over the previous year, while the total number of apps downloaded from the Italian people rose from 500,000 in 2011 to 800,000 in 2012. According to the Mobile Internet Observatory, content & apps of the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano, the market is growing and last year reached a total revenue of 118 million euro with regard to the paid app (+76% compared to 2011).  No surprise! The “app economy”, in short, is still growing and even more among the startup is one of the most vibrant areas.  According to a study by Juniper Research, in 2017 160 billion applications will be downloaded from various furniture store. The vast majority of these, however, will be free apps that, thanks to freemium versions and also to new forms of advertising, in some cases, will guarantee higher income for developers.

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Sweet Myanmar


ferreroOn the occasion of the ceremony to appoint an official sales representative held at the Park Royal Hotel on July 15, the Italian Company Ferrero  has been granted permission to export its products to Myanmar and distribute them locally.

Ferrero Spa is an Italian manufacturer of chocolate and other confectionery products. It was founded by confectioner Pietro Ferrero in 1946 in Alba, Piedmont, Italy. Ferrero International South Asian headquarters is in Luxembourg and it has its largest factory in Germany. Premiun Distribution Company and Pahtama Group in Myanmar have been appointed as formal representatives of Ferrero.

Ferrero is a global brand producing many products, including other brands such asFerrero Rocher chocolates, Pocket Coffee, Mon Cheri, Giotto, Tic Tac breath mints, Nutella chocolate spread, Raffaello coconut cream candy, and the Kinder line of products to name a few popular ones.

According to Marcello Gallo, the representative of Ferrero during the cerimony, the company will sell its brands across the country. They will officially distribute their products in Southeast Asian countries like China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and Thailand.  The products will be now imported from Italy ensuring the high quality of the products.

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Сардиния? Нет, Пьемонт

langheТурин – это один из крупнейших индустриальных и культурных центров страны. Его называют самым не итальянским городом страны. Но он хорош именно этой своей непохожестью на остальные. Его широкие зеленые бульвары, элегантные здания, обрамленные строгими портиками, красивые церкви придают ему своеобразное очарование.

В Пьемонте очень много заповедников и национальных парков для тихих прогулок, походов и поездок верхом. Красивые холмистые пейзажи, озера, замки у подножия гор, католические монастыри и церкви, виллы и сады на берегах озер Maggiore и Orta привлекают туристов со всех концов света.

Знали вы ли, что Пьемонт очень известныий регион благодаря своим замечательным замки? История этого региона тесно связана с западноевропейской королевской династией Савой, правящие в Италии до 1946 года.

Venaria Reale


Palazzo Madama di Torino

Castello dei Conti Roero

И, конечно же вина! Barolo и Barbaresco производятся в одноименных деревушках Пьемонта. Asti Spumante является хорошим аперетивом, а Moscato d`Asti — белое сладкое вино.

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Morellato: Russia and India are the markets

morellatoThe Italian brand Morellato & Sector is the worldwide leader in the creation, production and marketing of jewelery and watches, expression of contemporary luxury, consisting of emotions, desires and lifestyle. The Group monitors and controls the market through its own brands, GUESS, SECTOR, PHILIP WATCH, BLUESPIRIT, CHRONOSTAR and licensed, JOHN GALLIANO, MASERATI, JUST CAVALLI, MISS SIXTY. It is also the world leader in the manufacture of watch bands.

Morellato continues its expansion project in the world with a new shop-in-shop in Moscow and with the launching of the first television and print campaign in India.
Two important events that reinforce the strategy of development that the brand already started last year , with the opening of important international stores, including New York, London, Berlin and Shanghai and with whom Morellato continues to successfully transmit the values ​​of the made in Italy in the world. The new store is located within the Morellato Festival Mall in Moscow, one of the most densely populated residential areas of the Russian capital. This shop-in-shop  expresses great research in design and materials. In India, instead,  Morellato  chose two of the most recognizable faces in Bollywood: star success that represent the perfect union of the brand values ​​with the canons of beauty and elegance typical of the Indian state: Neil Nitin Mukesh and Preity Zinta.

For the season spring-summer 2013 it is all about simplicity and sensuality: Morellato jewelery interpret the shapes and colors of nature in key summer for precious high-rate design. The new collection joins in precious metals and stones, and with the warm of natural tones giving a whole new light: the effect is the changing shades of jewelry that makes each unique and unrepeatable. The metal combines with crystals and precious stones next to the hand-blown glass in bright colors but delicate: the pink contrasts with blue, lilac and violets bloom stones, with amethysts and pearls.

Femininity and elegance are the hallmarks of the collection Checkers: the design is essential in shape tapered back and soft pink and gold highlights to the white agate jewelry elegant and bright.

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Italian food threatened in the United States

imageIs it true that in the United States there is a huge counterfeiting of Italian food and beverage?

In 2012 Italy exported 133 thousand tons in the United States of virgin olive oils with a value of 403 million euros on a total of about 1.3 billion euros in exports in the world. That is to say that a third of all export of extra virgin olive oil made in Italy flies to the U.S., which remains the leading export market for our oil made in Italy. Also in 2012, the exports grew by 5.3% in volume and 4% in value. An important signal because it records a resumption of trade and a turnaround in times of crisis.
But if the United States is the first target market for our product, they are also the first market for the fake of Made in Italy food which worth over $ 4 billion.
A series of seminars on specialized press and buyers, organized as part of the first operating agreement for the olive oil, aims to raise the awareness towards the true product of high quality. Italian new consumers, and especially young people with high income capable of orienting their purchasing choices towards the extra virgin olive oil of superior quality know well that extra virgin olive oil is one of the most important product of Made in Italy in the United States where it earned his popularity since the 80s. United States is a net importer of olive oil, despite having a small domestic production which is developed especially in the state of California.


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Italian Cities: 10 things you didn’t know about Verona – part 1

If I tell you Verona, what would you immediately think ? I guess Romeo and Juliet! You are definitely right but in this post I will give you another point of view if you want to discover the city. Ready? 1. Look above your your head! image It is full of drawings and paintings you must see! Look at this for example. We are at Piazza Erbe, if you just look around you may forget to see what there is above your head. So have a look and look at the sky sometimes! 2. Look down! image In fact, it is full of stones of ancient Romans. It is like a small Rome. If you just walk around and look straight ahead you may miss important stone. In the picture below it is me trying to take a picture of a glass where behind there are romantic stones. It is not very clear from the picture…but you can see the shadow of my dog also looking down! 3. Explore small streets. image Would you ever imagine that at the end of such a small street there is a Dior showroom? Wow! 4. Luxury and creativity. image Look at this: it is the new mall of Excelsior – Milano, a luxury mall where you can find all the top brands.

5. City, river, hills. Everything in the same city.   Do not just explore the city, take some time to enjoy a glass of wine feeling the fresh breeze of Veronese wind.



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Eating Italian is healthier

imageThe increase of 7 percent since the beginning of the year pushes the agri-food exports to the historical record of 34 billion sales abroad during the year,according to a Coldiretti based on Istat data on foreign trade for May. Among the major sectors of Italian food, the product that is performing well  more and more according to the value of exports is fresh fruit and vegetables,with an increase of 7 percent, followed by wine which grows with an increase in value on international markets by 10%. Other products that registered an increase are pasta with a +7 per cent, but also olive oil, whose leap forward was a 11 percent. This is an important result also in view of the Expo 2015, whose theme is: Feeding the planet, energy for life. The major contents will be:

  • Improving food quality and security: the security of having enough food to live on, and an assurance that the food is healthy and the water drinkable;
  • Ensuring healthy and high-quality nutrition for all human beings, doing away with the hunger, drought, infantile mortality, and malnutrition that still afflict 850 million people on this planet, and extirpating famine and pandemic disease;
  • Preventing the new epidemics and diseases of our time, including obesity, cardiovascular disease, and cancer, by championing practices that have proven to be effective;
  • Promoting innovation in research, technology, and business practices along the entire food supply chain to improve the nutritional value, conservation, and distribution of foods;
  • Providing education in proper nutrition and encouraging more healthy lifestyles, especially among children, adolescents, the disabled, and the elderly;
  • Enhancing the value of cultural and ethnic heritage as expressed in culinary traditions.
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Stefanel chooses China

image Stefanel continues its expansion with an average rate of one showroom opening per month and the development plan in China : it is now the turn of Beijing, with a showroom at the shopping mall of Shuang An.
The brand, which houses the women’s collections and accessories, is located on the second floor of the department store located in the third ring of the city, in the modern district of Haidian.
With the opening of the brand shops in the capital of China the showrooms of the brand rose to 15: according to the agreement with Carnival International, the aim is to launch 50 new stores in the most prestigious Chinese and Taiwanese shopping malls.
The business plan of the brand is part of a wider international expansion project, which aims to strengthen its presence in the Far East. Currently, as well as in China, the brand is present in Japan, Philippines, South Korea and Hong Kong.
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Gas Jeans explores Russia

imageRussia is an important target market for the jeanswear brand Gas. The company plans to open new stores and corners in the Country, and in September it will open a new showroom in Moscow.
The brand has already five outlets in the Russian territory, in Rostov, Krasnodar, Samara, Kazan and Novorossiysk. By the end of the summer, however, there will be new openings in Krasnodar and Ufa. Thanks to the flexibility that characterize it, the brand new retail format will also include smaller spaces. As for the wholesale, all the most important cities of the country will be involved in the expansion project, with the goal to have 100 stores distributed throughout the area.
In the coming months there will be eight openings between franchise stores, shop-in-shops and corners: moreover, the negotiations for 2014 are already at an advanced stage negotiations.
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Frecciarossa 1000 moving fast around Italy

imageTrenitalia launches its new Frecciarossa 1000, a highly fast and technologically competitive train, which will become for sure the symbol of the State Railways. The new Frecciarossa 1000 actually will have great performances: 400 km/h at top speed and ensures a constant speed around 360 km / h. Its design is aerodynamic and was designed by Bertone, the Italian body founded in 1912 in Turin that boasts collaborations with the most prestigious car manufacturers. Lets see if you guess the main colour of the train…? Obviously red! That color in Italy is a synonym of excellence and speed. The managing director of Trenitalia, Moretti, proudly called it “the best business card of Italy for the Expo 2015.” At the moment only 50 Frecciarossa 1000 were ordered for a total cost of 1, 5 billion euro. The aim of this investment is the reinforcement of today’s high-speed trains that connect far places of the country.The idea, however, is not not travel only around the peninsula: the ambitions of Trenitalia are turning abroad since this new train is able to compete with other European competitors and can jump at high speed on all networks in Europe. The Frecciarossa 1000 should only have the certificate of approval by September 2014. The ambition is clear: give maximum speed to customers of Trenitalia (the train should be able to travel from Rome to Milan in two hours and 20 minutes) without the feeling of the passenger of “rushing” to 400 km / h. A combination of technology, speed and comfort that wants to make Trenitalia a forerunner in the technology sector at the international level

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